Jan 17, 2009

You do not work for people!

One of my long-term ambitions in starting a business and being an entrepreneur is establishment of an ad magazine. I am not to talk about this ambition, in detail now, but, I want to just say this, that while talking about it to different people, and discuss the feasibility, the single response I have been, most of the time, receiving has been, "NO"!

The people, who most of them have had hands in journalism, responded such that there is no market in this niche in Afghanistan. They give me examples with available newspapers, magazines, etc. which are not, almost all, profitable. And, the reason often they suggest is that Afghan people are not interested in paying attention to print media, or this that print media has not been institutionalized in the lives of Afghans, and so, and so.

But, I am not blaming Afghan people, but looking for the reason among the media themselves--their function, management, policies, strategies, cultures, structures, attitudes, etc. They are not designed such to meet the needs of the people, i.e. they do not work for Afghan people, so how do they expect the people to work for them?

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