Feb 16, 2009

Elaha reout!

Elaha out! Aside from all I said before, how sad it is that our people can not understand the value of life out of and without their ridiculous, idiotic, nonsense, ethnic beliefs! Alas!

What I said, was all I believed and still so. But, that was what, I believed, not the Elaha's voters. So why Elaha could not get up?

Elaha, from the beginning, had not been made for these people. She sang what they do not like. What, they could not manifest their ethnicity by. That was why, Elaha, in her last stage and performance, sang a song which was against (I guess) her taste. She had to--she supposed so. But no result. I don't know...

How such pretty, talented, invaluable girls as Elaha could possibly survive among such people? Maybe, she shouldn't have been back to the process. Thus, she could save her prestige.

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