Feb 8, 2009

Elaha--No! Not anymore!

A few days ago, a friend of mine called me up and talked about the Afghan Star, the Tolo TV contest show, and said, that the directors of the program have thought of a way to turn back some of the guys who had been shot out, including and specially, Elaha Sorour. Apparently (actually according to what the friend of mine said), the numbers of votes being given to the stars have been considerably decreased, so the Tolo's directors have had to care of it and thought of a solution for that. That is, we can again vote, in particular for Elaha. Also some of Elaha's fans has launched a Web site in her name to supper her, including the videos of her performances.

But wait a sec! We must ask ourselves, "Why?". Why should we have another opportunity to give vote and support our favorites? Why must this round be different from the previous rounds? What about those coming up yet? Haven't they been got up, up to here, by the votes of the people?

Personally, I am happy that Elaha can fight again for what she has the talent and the capacity, but, I am not happy about this new process, totally, and the opportunity provided, since this is not the right way, and the way of right. This is CHEATING!

From the beginning of the process, Tolo TV has established a procedure, that is, the stars are promoted to higher stage by the votes of the people which are given via SMS. We, including the voters and the stars, have accepted this rule. However, technically, or musically, whether this procedure is wrong or right, we have accepted that. Then, what has happened now, to violate this rule?

All of this process is fun, up to here. Thus, we can vote, we can support our favorite singers, we can spend our mobile credits to see that our favorite singer has won. But, I am not to be taken advantage; I do NOT allow Tolo TV, nor any GSM provider in Afghanistan, use me like a tool. I wrote about Elaha (here and here) and expressed my sadness when she could not get higher than 8th, all, because I believed that she could be given more than that; something she had the right. I believed that she fought for change, an ethical and moral change, but this, definitely not moral, nor ethical.

All the guys, taking part in this contest, are of youths, who hard are more than 25 years old. This process must not only a scene to challenge the capacities and capabilities of these young boys and girls, but also must be a lesson, by our adults, of ethics, morale, effort, equality, and integrity, for them. But alas, we can observe that our adults show us how to cheat!

I am completely AGAINST this new process.

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