Feb 23, 2009

How much do you care about your opposite sex at university?

The years of everybody's life passed by university level of education, especially in the countries I have ever lived, are very important years, for a reason of reasons: being with the opposite sex.

In Afghanistan, passing whole of your life apart and far from girls, in the case you're a boy, and far from boys, if you are a girl, actually must be intolerable. But this that how we've been able to tolerate that, is a question worthy to ask, and so important to deliberate about. Thus, to some extent, universities of any kind, give us, boys and girls, such great, unique, invaluable privilege.

On BW B-School Forum Feb. 22, a discussion was raised by one (dipmyballsinit) of the members (thanks to him!) about "hottest girls". It has been more than a couple of months, I am meticulously following the discussions on B-School Forum, and admittedly, I must say that I have gained a lot. Especially, it helped me very much in easily entering and being admitted at American University of Afghanistan (AUAF), through useful advises and suggestions, being put forward, for example on my admission essay. Anyway, THIS topic to be discussed on B-School Forum is very much new and innovative and interesting, to me at least. Dipmyballsinit begins so:
All of this HSW stuff is getting old. Let's start a discussion we all care about. Which school has the best looking girls?
You know, this kinds of matters have been always important to me, because I believe that they are the things directly related to the real lives of young boys and girls. We can not omit them. We can not ignore them. We can not forget them. We can not reject them. We can not condemn them. Why? because THIS is life, real life. You are against that?

Making girlfriend and boyfriend are natural things, that is, building communication with the opposite sex, which is started by an honest curiosity of a teen trying to discover what's going on over there, on the opposite sex. No matter how deep we go into it; either only chatting, sending SMS, talking, walking, going, coming, as it is the type we mostly have in these countries and mainly we may not exceed those, or sometime going deeper, and sex, love (though this one can also take place with the previous one), marriage (and this one also), and... I don't know, you name it.

The discussion on B-School Forum goes with this that how much you weigh on choosing a specific B-School, considering the availability of your favorable opposite sex. He gives his own answer as, "...For me it's probably not at all, but I still think that it is important to discuss...", so do I.

At AUAF, the atmosphere is relatively open, comparing to Kardan Institute of Higher Education. In fact, one of the primary reasons of opening this weblog was at first, to talk about the relationships between girls and boys at Kardan, when I newly attended there. But, honestly, I didn't dare to start saying even a word about it! Kardan's faculty, administration, and students attitudes were so closed and conservative that even maybe, each of them individually would like to start such debates within Kardan, they do not dare. Even once, I tried that. I asked a question about girls and boys at psychology time, and the consequence: all the girls immediately left the class, and we had a long-lasting dispute between fellows!

Though, I am not still satisfied properly with this, but, I am wondering: what does cause us, or motivate us to be a bit open at AUAF? Does anything change coming over here? What is/are the stimulus?

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  1. i think in countries and socities like afghansitan, many things are under skin of city. you can talk with a girl at street or university comfortably. but unforthunately some kind of these relation could lead to danger relationship. because have a relation with opposite sex is a need, is a part of life.