Feb 4, 2009

LinkedIn down!

Last night, I attended the Orientation at AUAF. A few people addressed including [the names removed], and a few others, I hadn't met them before.

I don't know whether this was due to my eastern attitude or what, all during the addresses, I was feeling that the manner of lecturers was a bit ungracious. I don't know. Maybe it was a problem of my hearing!

I completed all my preliminary administrative works, including ID card, email account, etc.To check the functionality of my AUAF email, I went to the library which is much more bigger than the one of Kardan, and much more equipped (thanks to AUAF, then). I wanted also to check my LinkedIn account, but it didn't work. I thought it could be because of a problem of the computer or the internet connection of AUAF, due to my relatively internet illitracy! But, today I read on TechCrunch, and also, on the LinkedIn's blog itself, that yeah, it was in fact a problem of LinkedIn. Okay, I didn't care that, and I do not.

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