Feb 10, 2009

I don't want to become a "millionaire"!

In Afghanistan, whenever you turn on the TV to watch maybe something interesting, you definitely face with an ad, of a bank, a GSM provider, a... I don't know, you name it, which says about a sort of lottery or something like that. I just wonder that what kinds of industries they are in--banking, communication... or, lottery industry?

I want to just ask these businesses that, wouldn't it better to go and a bit work on your products, instead of "making the people, 'millionaire'"?! People are not seeking becoming millionaire by using your products, they just want to satisfy their needs. And, if you're not the one satisfying those needs, why don't you just find a way to become the one? Thus, you wont definitely need even to advertise for your products--that is, "Word of Mouth", which is much stronger.

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