Jul 5, 2010

I am a foreigner!

I was a foreigner, when I was born in a land, which was not my motherland. I grew up a foreigner, playing, sitting, laughing, going to school with friends among whom my language, my attitude, my appearance seemed like a foreigner.

I am back to my so-called "motherland". But, this land is not my motherland either. I am still a foreigner. Today, when I visited an organization for assessment, I was looked like a foreigner. Even, I was directly asked where I was from and this that I looked like a foreigner.

The problem, though, is not that I merely looked like a foreigner, but it's deeper: I am indeed a foreigner. This is not my appearance or my accent or my Chinese-like face which makes me separated or distinguished from others. But these are my thoughts, opinions, behavior, perspective... There are huge differences. I feel it and I see it in my daily life that I am a foreigner. Where is my motherland?

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