Jul 17, 2010

Summer is for Reading!

I agree, and I read in summers. I read all the books that I wish to read. I keep these wishes until I get the chance, when I am free from university coursework and the reading assignments that I am forced to read, not because I like them. Of course, I don't hate my courses and studies at AUAF, but just I don't like to be assigned to do something. I know it might sound a bit weired. I used to self-study music, nights and days, tirelessly. But, as soon as I started studying music a little a bit more formally, I stopped passionately reading and working music as before! For example, if I were instructed to work on an etude, I hated it, and very unwillingly worked on it.

I am reading, these days, a book by Eric Burns about the thoughts of Michel Foucault, the French philosopher. It’s hard, but I like it.

The translation of “Democratization and Civil War” is in progress. To be honest, I am not fast when I am working on a translation. So, I would not be surprised if it takes a month or so to finish it.

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