Jul 3, 2010

A translation project

No, no, I can't say I like this condition of not-writing-anything, not-saying-anything, nor I want to stay in it. I am not even so much "busy" (as it is said, while talking of our idleness). Just, I am passing across a condition, like crossing a highway, in which I have to be worried about everything and anything; while, even I don't know what things need to be worried about!

A couple of weeks ago, I found a very interesting research study, titled "Democratization and Civil War" by Prof. Edward Mansfield from University of Pennsylvania and Prof. Jack Snyder from University of Columbia. After reading it, I decided to translate the paper. I sent an email to Prof. Mansfield and sought the last version of the paper, while seeking permission for the translation. A couple of days later, I gottwo emails from the authors saying "[... they] are happy to have [me] translate the paper [...]

I am going to finish the summer semester within a week. I will translate the paper during the break till the fall semester begins.

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