Jul 4, 2010

"Oh my God! You're too old!"

There are two options here: first, I must finish BA as fast as possible; second, I must finish BA as best as possible.

To be honest, I am getting old, or I am already old. So, it's a bit frustrating for me to see myself still studying BA. When I look around campus, I find myself among some fellows who are even ten years younger than me! They are too young. Their thoughts, behaviors, attitudes... not of course unsophisticated, but just younger, or maybe more energetic than me, to better describe them. Or maybe, I am older than them, not they, younger than me! "Oh my God! You're too old!" Once one said to me this. Actually, I didn't understand how old I was before I heard such a comment! This is a truth, I am getting old, and I have to finish BA as fast as possible. But wait, what will be the benefit of having a BA with a 1.5 GPA?!

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