Jul 29, 2010

U.S. Assistance to Afghanistan by Mariam A. Nawabi

Yesterday, Wednesday evening, July 28, American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) hosted Mariam Atash Nawabi, in a presentation program entitled "US-Afghan Relations: Understanding the Foreign Assistance Process". Not so many students, though, attended the presentation. I believe this is partly due to the general policies of the university, particularly its security policy. I am not totally blaming the university administration because they might be right in observing such tight security measures, however, it is probably not appropriate for an academic environment, and it would have its negative effects as it is observed.

The presentation program, delivered by Mariam A. Nawabi, was about the "U.S. Assistance to Afghanistan": the funding process, the relevant U.S. agencies in this process, a bit about in what areas the U.S. has assisted Afghanistan, and the most interesting part was about the personal experiences Nawabi has had in promoting investment in Afghanistan and social entrepreneurship. I was specially amazed by the comprehensive knowledge of this charming lady in a vast number of areas relating to international assistance to Afghanistan. You can just go to this link and read about her. You can also google her name and find a lot about her. You'll be amazed too...

Finally, I must say that for me, who works as Grants Officer at The Asia Foundation, one of the largest organizations bringing international assistance to Afghanistan, this program was indeed fruitful and had a lot to know. At the end of the presentation, although I was very tired, I was not unhappy for attending the event.


  1. She is an expert. I was not there and thus cannot judge what she said. I know she is active and wants to bring change to Afghanistan. But has she really addressed fundemental issues in Afghanistan - apart from women affairs?

  2. Well, she did not talk about women's issues! Read the title of this post...

    have fun