Dec 29, 2008

Changing frequently or sticking to one organization?

Willing or planning to apply to any world-top MBA program, you've got to meet some requirements to being admitted in such business schools. Meaning, you must start from now; for example, for myself, which currently attending courses, in the second year of the BBA.

One of these requirements is job experience, which different b-schools have a need of typically five years experiences, very much preferably in the field of administration.

But, a question, has been a few weeks with me:
Which one is more desirable?
  • Having variety of job experiences i.e. having been worked in different positions and in different organizations; or,
  • Sticking to one organization and passing a long time on it.
assuming, in both, conditions are the same, regarding salary, job environment, promotion, etc.
The same way, I raised the question on B-School Forum. Up to now, it got one response (thanks to tomino), as follows (any update would be possible):
Soroush, I'd probably prefer sticking to one (or two) organization(s) for a while, instead of changing jobs too frequently. If you have 4 different jobs in 4 years it could indicate that you can't adapt to any environment and are a difficult person who doesn't really know what he/she wants.

To see the complete discussion, click here.

Update (Thanks to deldotto):
It's best to have as few company shifts as possible, and show continued growth (i.e. promotion/raise). If you switch companies, make sure you have a good reason, such as accelerated promotion/title/pay, or something like your company had a major layoff. Switching just to switch with no sound basis will only work against you. Migrating positions (work type) probably won't really work out all too well, as B Schools are looking for people with a vision. If the work shifts help you reach your goal/vision, it's great, but if t hey don' might be a tough explanation.

As for years of experience, 2+ is likely preferred. This is the basis of Harvard's 2+2 program...they basically say you can apply while in undergrad, but they expect you to go work for 2 years before you start the MBA program. Moreover, Harvard is the program that is currently leading the push towards younger applicants, so clearly they see some value in experience.


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