Dec 28, 2008

Getting beaten only for a pair of gloves?!

Last Sunday, I bought a pair of gloves from Roshan plaza. But the gloves got torn off after just two days. I am a student, and I had planned to wear them for very many years! But however, just a two days was not fair.

Anyway, I returned to that shop to change those gloves. The shopkeeper accepted to get them back and change them with other ones. But I wondered the new ones' life was only two hours! Comparing with the previous ones, better I'd not have changed them!

I, again, turned them back to the shop, this time certainly for a refund. The shopkeeper refused to refund and paying back my money. We were almost starting fighting that I gave up and said, "OK, accept the money and the gloves both as a Christmas gift"! And, went away. What could I do more?!

You know, it's good to fight to get your right, but at that time, I felt I would being behaved discourteously more, if I continue that.

All the thing, I was thinking about, during those arguments between me and the shopkeeper, was all things I was being said and taught in my Sales management and Marketing courses. Alas! I forgot about my money, but what about the shop and its reputation, if any?

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