Dec 16, 2008

Want to sell your ideas?

In a rapidly changing environment in business, as we all so many times hear from our teachers, and read in the books, notes, etc. one thing is very important, that is, how to best utilize resources in order to make costs reduce, grow productivity, and totally keep up with tough competitors. These are all about how to take advantage of new ideas just around you. But, most of the time, they are ignored. There must be some people nuzzling and finding these ideas; the ones who have a special vision to see them.

Also sometime, it may has happened to you that you expresses an idea you have, nobody first pays attention, but after sometime, you observe that someone has stolen that and takes the most advantage of. But, what about if your ideas could be sold? Why not?

ember 15, in his famous Web log, has published a post on Selling ideas to a big company. He writes:
Two things have to happen before a big company buys your idea:

1. They have to be in the business of buying ideas.

A company that likes buying ideas has a process. They make it relatively straightforward and they have no upside in stealing from you. A company that isn't in that business puts up barriers. They troll around trade shows looking for ideas to take (and there's nothing legally or morally wrong with that, imho).

2. They have to trust you

The reason that big companies don't want to hear from you is that they don't trust you. They don't trust you to understand their industry, or to understand implementation. They don't trust your judgment about whether it's a good idea. They don't trust you won't flake out, or sue them, or sell your ideas to multiple parties.

I strongly recommend you having a look at this article.

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