Dec 13, 2008

Roshan’s social irresponsibility

Alas! Whenever you turn on the TV (of course, if we had electricity, at all!), you are forced to watch commercial advertisements, which are forced into between the programs, without any sense. The advertisements which are supposed to be commercial which it doesn't look so very much, and also are considered being advertisement, but advertising what?! Totally saying, they are free of creativity and artistry. On the other hand not only lack of creativity outcries in these advertisements, but also they promote sometimes socially irresponsible scenes, I am wondered while watching them.

One of these incredible advertisements is of Roshan telecommunication. This company has been established in the very beginning of President Karzai's government, by the Telecom Development Company (TDCA) GSM license, commercially launched on July 27, 2003 and manifests itself as:
The word "Roshan" means "light" in both of the national Afghan languages, Dari and Pashto. The name Roshan was given by the people of Afghanistan as Roshan brings a promise of hope, development, and a brighter future for Afghanistan.
Roshan is the GSM cellular service provider in Afghanistan, with coverage in over 222 major cities and towns and over 2.6 million subscribers. The company is privately-held corporation which has been very much successful through providing relatively high-quality communication facilities.

Roshan has recently launched a service named “M-Paisa” as a way to transfer money anywhere in Afghanistan using mobile phone. As it says “It’s an innovative mobile payment solution ideal for people who don’t have a bank account”.

I do not have so much knowledge about telecom technology so I am not talking from a professional point-of-view or something. Only as a customer, I did not find this facility very much interesting.

But the issue I want to open that, in here, is the TV advertisement of the service which has a part (a sentence and a reaction) that does not look and sound very much responsible. The person who does not informed about the M-Paisa is going (Saray-i-Shahzada, maybe) to transfer money to his children who are students at Herat University. The man talks with a tune and a mode of voice which says incidentally, “Hey! What a damn work to do!” (Sending money for children for paying their tuition fees).

One of the obligations of any business is acting through socially responsible ways. At the time that all the people in Afghanistan, including businesses, need to promote education, I wonder why the marketing in-charges of Roshan could not find any other way to advertise their service other than this way.


  1. Mr. Rasooli,
    is there anything in this country which you like or which makes you happy.
    you just know how to be critic, which is very easy try to show few things which are important as well in our (afghan's life).
    that advertisment didnt mean that at all what you have explained be positive and think widly

  2. Dear Khalid

    I HAVE written from time to time what I feel happy about, in TUC. If you just scroll down on it, you're going to see that.

    The subject I wanted to open that, in here, was just what I observed and felt being wrong. I am enough positive and optimistic, You know me well, don't you?! But I don't think critical view can be pessimistic or negative. I want to be constructive. The goods points ARE, the bad points have to be removed...

    Thanks for the comment :)