Dec 18, 2008

Criticize me as much as you can

A few days ago, I wrote a short piece on Roshan's newly-launched M-paisa, in which, I had criticized the TV ad of the service, containing a negative promotion about education. It was, about the same, followed up by no considerable reflections from my fellows. OK, I am not criticizing anybody, since, my blogs could be very unprofessionally and unskillfully written, and so, they may not be so good to gain so much attraction. But anyway, I am a student, and I am not supposed to do so much at this time. One of the reason I am blogging here, is the exercise of writing, and as a business student, getting deep into the business events, all in order to be remained updated. Also, I am sincerely inviting, as I have been always doing (here, here, here, here, and here), all my fellows to take part, by either commenting on my blogs or publishing themselves, to promote their knowledge.

However, one of my dear friends responded to the aforementioned post and said that how much I am criticizing "which is easy". First of all, I appreciate my friend for his kind attention to my blog, and secondly, I must say that (as I said before) being critical about things is neither an easy task, nor something worthless. In order to be critical about things, we first of all should open our minds as much as possible, to see things better, or better to say, not to prejudice things. And, this openness itself is not an easy thing. I, myself, try as much as possible to reach that openness.

Being critical, though it seems these days something worthless, especially because of some the TV shows, is not so. Even, I consider those very unprofessional TV shows, useful, to some extend; arising such an imagination. They, however, put assumptions, analyses, opinions, etc. forward to have the issues opened for all. But there is still the opportunity to have a better critical view on them.

This is all we need: to criticize, to criticize, and to criticize. And, never let anybody get asleep and be always an "alarm-bell" for them.


  1. i can say only 1 thing you are wrong, now i cant play flute in front of you. there are better ways of improving your writting and business skills and opening your mind.
    Khalid Hamdard

  2. Dear Khalid

    I didn't get why I am wrong, and would you tell me how I can get improved other than writing?