Dec 21, 2008

And Steve--this is the third

This is the third (as far as I have been keeping the track of those I love) who leaves the Silicon Valley--Steve Jobs. This was the first and this one the second. Of course not yet, maybe soon. We heard some rumors regarding his heart attack, though it was rejected. But something's clear. He will leave.

Probably, you have ever touched one of the Apple products; whether it is iPod, iPhone, or iMac; and you certainly have felt how wonderful it is to hold in your hands and work with that. That's the miracle of a company once Steve Jobs brought into this world.

Steve Jobs, "the most powerful person in the business", founded Apple in April 1976, a company which is the 1st in the "Top 20 Most Admired Companies". The products Apple have designed and produced ever are:
  • Apple TV
  • MobileMe
  • OS X
  • iPhone
  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone App Store
  • iPod + iTunes
Steve leaves Apple very soon, but, what about Apple itself. Is it going to fall down? If Steve leave the company, does it mean we won't have anymore the opportunity to have such wonderful products as iPhone or iPod?

Kevin Kelleher have published a piece on GigaOm as, Apple Will Be Just Fine Without Steve Jobs. He says,
I’m one of those in the lonely camp that doesn’t believe Jobs is Apple and Apple is Jobs. Or that when he disengages from Apple the wheels must necessarily fall off.
Undoubtedly, we love Steve, but love more Apple. And, we don't want Apple to be shut down, after Steve; something, I suppose, Steve does not want it, neither.

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