Dec 23, 2008

Social networking--living in a virtual world

TechCrunch yesterday, Monday Dec. 22, published a post on I’m Sorry Robert, But It’s Time For A Friendfeed Intervention, by Micheal Arrington which brings an attention, again (by Robin Wauters), on "addiction" to some social networking Web sites such as, Twitter and FriendFeed. And, this time the subject is Robert Scoble, the author of the Famous Web log, Robert, himself, has responded to the post by another post in his scobleizer, which both are worthy to review, particularly, if you are too, a networking addict!

I, myself, a couple of months ago, was spending 5 hours on FriendFeed, on average, a day. Now, I am not. At that time, I was passing a depression period, which somehow I was being relieved by spending time on FriendFeed and chatting with other guys, on there. I don't know, I am not a psychologist or something, but it, itself, could have been the cause to getting into depression in my case. I am saying this, because, last night I, also, read a post on What Online Community? by Keith Whitworth, on Business Week. It pays attention to reactive behaviors in teenagers' "lives of the so-called Millennials, who were born between 1982 and 2003 and grew up on the Web and mobile technology".

Definitely, social networking has brought us very many facilities, no need to mention again, but, what about these all negative reactions caused by living in a virtual environment such as the Internet?

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